She has performed in UK, USA, Pakistan & Thailand for giving performance for a variety of musical events, using her rich repertoire. Always giving superb performances, she establishes a quick rapport with the audiences by singing from her heart, which gives her performances a unique credibility that touches the hearts of the people. Adhering to a rigorous regimen of regular practice (riyaz), she is not only continuing to improve, but has acquired and enviable stamina for performance. She has been honoured by Bharat Vikas Parishad, Yamala Jat Punjabi association and Arya Samaj for her enormous contribution to Punjabi folk music and Bhajan Singing. She won laurels for her performance at an international event at Lahore Pakistan as well.


An exponent of light classical, Hindustani, devotional and above all folk music, Deepika has enthralled audiences for over two decades with her unique style and rendition through live performances and electronic media. She has frequently performed for AIR Jalandhar station and Doordarshan Jalandhar Kendra and received rave reviews.She has cut cassettes and CDs of Punjabi Pop Folk Songs, in addition to those of devotional songs. Gifted with a melodious voice, Deepika creates an aura of brilliant musical times of bygone era.

She has created a niche for herself, particularly in the field of Punjabi folk music by providing it the original flavor of the Punjabi soil.while adding to it a mystical sophistication through her style and innovation. Her style is original and subtle that at once touches the heart. Although she is traditional in her approach, she experiments in her singing with outstanding results.

A highly talented personality, she has also excelled in writing poetry, scripts and in compering, as also in giving commentaries or voice over renditions. Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Art Council Honored by ‘Shoonya’ Sanstha in U.P. honoured by ‘Adhar’ for excelling in 3 fields. The Ex-Chief minister of Punjab Mrs. Rajinder Kaur Bhattal was all praise for her achievements and contribution in 3 different fields.